Wednesday, April 8, 2015


In majority, nobody seemed to like the #scathing remarks coming from PM, Narendra Modi over the functioning of Judiciary at #Joint Conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts in New Delhi on Sunday. During his address, Mr. Modi urged Judges to evolve an internal self-correction, self-assessment, self-introspection mechanism within judiciary to prevent its rot. Though, we all are acquainted with the unpleasant fact that Indian Executive has already lots of mud on its garbs than our Judiciary since we know how many tainted politicians are there in our parliament.

PM's address:

Since sting was too deep and as was expected, the Judges reacted very sharply as well as the Indians lawyers who dubbed it as an unwarranted assault, aspersion & encroachment on the independence of the courts in India. His remark that #FIVE-STAR ACTIVISTS are driving the judicial system here & #the PILs are being entertained freely in the courts, caused a sensational controversy and subsequently it rose the temperature pretty high in the Capital.

#The Supreme Court Bar Association (#SCBA) president, Dushyant Dave, expressed that the CONCEPT OF PIL in fact has benefited this nation and its citizens & on the other side, Senior Advocate, #Ashok Kumar Gunguly seemed surprisingly a bit in favor of the PM by saying that former PM, Manmohan singh had also had made somewhat similar statements at the last conference during UPA Rule. 

Though the Executive & Judiciary are siblings of Democracy, it is a common fact that both keep pointing at each other that it is crossing its limit. In the past, when SC, in the wake of nationwide movement against Corruption, had given #historic ruling against the corrupt parliamentarians that they would not be allowed to contest elections for six years after their conviction, all the political parties, if you remember, had ganged up against SC and UPA had issued unwarranted ordinance against it.

Why did PM have to make this acerbic remark in the first place?

It is believed that the reason PM made this cruddy comment over the functioning of Judiciary is because two judges were recently taken off the bench (of three judges) that were hearing the trial of #Teesta Setalvad, a civil right activist who has been helping Gujarat carnage victims for past several years taking on the Gujarat Government. Teesta has been a critic of Mr. Modi since his days as Chief Minister. Her lawyer had argued that those two judges were close to Modi who had invited him for their family weddings. The court took note of this fact and the judges in question immediately were taken off the case.

PM seems to have forgot that the yield of 40 lakh crores through auctions of spectrum and coal is the results of PILs of 5-STAR ACTIVISTS. The UPA govt. may have given the #COAL BLOCKS on #first-come-first-serve basis but BJP govts. in MP, Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh had also recommended it and the credit goes to the eminent lawyer, #Prashant Bhushan not to the PM, Narendra Modi's BJP govt. though it has claimed for it.

Real sad! PM whose integrity has been questioned on several fronts in the past is questioning the morality of the Judiciary. In unbiased comparison, the Executive in India is far more dirtier than Judiciary. I agree that there have been a few stray cases of Judicial corruption in India and I have written posts too over the said issue. Let's take it in our stride that Mr. Modi is asking the Judiciary to introspect for good reasons but when would the time come in this country for the Executive to contemplate over its innumerable flaws and blemishes. Haven't we seen the sense of perception of our PM during Delhi Election, when he had called the entire opposition fraternity as, "UNFORTUNATE ONES"?

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