Monday, April 20, 2015


After his long & much-discussed disappearance, Rahul Gandhi seemed to be back in New Avatar #kisanRally. नए रंग और रूप में राहुल गांधी। The Congress that was tight-lipped about his location recently is very vocal now.

BJP has been evidently pushed on back foot on #LandAcquisitionBill front. With this new bill being criticized from all around, there is a general perception in the country that BJP is favoring BUSINESS HOUSES of this nation and neglecting the poor farmers' interests who had to take to streets in large numbers protesting against it.  

Unlike before after his successful #KisanRally, Rahul Gandhi for the first time seemed to impress with his parliamentary intervention against land acquisition ordinance because he seemed genuinely speaking in favor of 67% farming community which is incidentally a big chunk of voters that had extended support to Mr. Modi to get him to power eleven months ago. He added salt to BJP's wounds sarcastically with accusation that ये सरकार किसानो की सरकार नहीं बल्कि बड़े लोगों की सरकार, उद्योगपतियों की सरकार और सूट-बूट की सरकार है। 

Rahul even praised Nitin Gadkari's personal straight forward comment that he had made to someone in privacy that"किसानों को ना भगवान पर भरोसा करना चाहिए न ही सरकार पर। " This particular statement reflects a great deal about what Mr. Gadkari had in his heart and he would need sound reasons to explain this stand to high command.

On the confusion of different data available for crop losses coming from Agricultural Ministry & PMO Rahul remarked, why doesn't the PM go himself and find out how much exactly is the losses of farmers. He advised wisely that the PM should change his side from #CorporateLobby TO FARMER'S SIDE and though this bit of advice is harmful to Congress but that would only be best in the interest of the nations and also for PM and BJP.

Having been cornered by all the opposition parties, Yesterday, PM had addressed all his MP's and urged them to convince the farmers in their respective constituencies that the BJP's LAND BILL is not at all against the interests of farmers and it is a sheer rumor being carved, devised and spread by the opposition. If you remember, during General Elections, Mr. Modi who had alone convinced almost every body in his favor with his immeasurably tall promises and commitments is now strangely finding himself incapacitated to do so on this issue. Why doesn't he go ahead and do it himself all alone the way he had accomplished his goal before winning the mandate. One thing that BJP Govt has scored on is that it successfully brought back thousands of Indians from violence-torn Yemen to our nation on such a large scale.

Mr. Modi addressing one day workshop of BJP MPs

Why should he be dependent on his MPs ? What has gone wrong? Why has he lost the credibility in short span of 11 months?

What has changed today that people in majority do not seems to believe him now? He must introspect and give it a second thought why has such time come that his voice sounds incredible to Indians. Being a seasoned politician he must know it. It's all because of the poor performance of BJP since it came to power. His TEN LAKH SUIT is one of the key factors that has dented BJP. The scene would have been different if he hadn't backed out on his commitment on BLACK MONEY ISSUE and if he were able to suppress INFLATION & had performed well to impress Indians. 

In politics, one loses credibility on nothing but account of non performance. 

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