Friday, April 17, 2015


No more Scam India, it's Skill India now: New Mantra from Modi

Is it true as BJP claims that the PM, Narendra Modi has taken India to heights or the scene is just opposite to it?

It has been well established during all Mr. Modi's foreign visits has religiously used international platforms to criticize the previous Govts of India heavily talking about their series of scams and without fail,  he goes in self-praise-mode too. He refers to multiple national issues and policies that were not addressed properly before in India holding the Congress responsible for all the mess India is facing at the moment and doesn't forget to add as many new positive policies & steps to his credit.

The Congress believes that Mr. Modi has not only undermined INDIA'S IMAGE but the dignity of his highest post by taking jibes at the previous governments. "The ones who had spread filth are gone and done with, he (Namo) is busy cleaning the grime currently and it is going to take some time since India is a large country, said PM Modi in one of his recent speeches in Canada. 

'Our Spokespersons Will Trail PM Modi on Foreign Trips, Rebut Him', Says Congress

In response to such incessant offensive remarks against UPA govt, now the Congress has planned to send its spokesperson to the countries wherever PM decides to go in the future to refute him there and then. PM has crossed all the limits and no other prime minister from Nehru to Manmohan singh has spoken so ill of our country and the Congress can not take it lying low any longer, said Anand Sharma, the former Union Minister. Why should he be speaking against Congress in foreign country? He is on a bilateral trips not on election campaign there, remarked Anand Sharma.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper arrive at Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto on Wednesday.
In his address, Mr. Modi had also claimed that he is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Canada in 42 years to which Anand sharma showed an evidential photograph of PM's predecessor, Mr. Manmohan Singh & Stephen Harpar together that was taken during 2010 visit. If that is true then Mr. Modi has made a clean factual error and that certainly goes against the prestige of our PM. 

I hardly get along with Mr. Digvijay's views in general but on this issue I would subscribe to General Secretary of Congress who posted tweets that when a head of state visits abroad, he represents the entire nation. He added that Mr. Modi's speeches are divisive, defamatory, malicious and not based on facts. In Paris too Mr. Modi had launched his offensive against UPA that it had allocated coal blocks like one gives away a pen and handkerchief. Though Mr. Modi is right about it but he is not contesting elections any longer there, is he?

#ScamIndia to #SkillIndia

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