Saturday, April 11, 2015



India may perhaps be shortage on multiple counts but not on scams. As if scams are the asset to this nation, another huge fraud is about to explode in front of Indians. It doesn't auger well at all for future of India since the corruption has even spread its tentacles on to the funds meant only for the outstanding students (the future generation of this country) for their excellence and to help them build their career and future.

Recently, Mahrashtra Govt has ordered #ACB (#AntiCorruptionBureau) & #CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) to investigate into a Scam of around 4000 Crores in education dept. Mr. Dilip Kamble, Minister of State for social justice, on Wednesday, revealed that the Chief Minister, #Devendra Fadnavis has asked the investigating agencies to probe into the alleged SCHOLARSHIP FRAUD of over 4K Cr.

An award of financial aid what is regularly given on the basis of academic and personal achievement of needy and meritorious students is being siphoned off in an organized and perfect manner. The colleges run by Educations Barons, including politicians, were eating into the state treasury by claiming the scholarship funds meant only for backward and deserving students by showing fake students on the rolls of their colleges. 

The data as to how many fake students were there on the rolls of such colleges might be huge or else this figure would reach such a staggering figure of 4k Cr. Could it be possible without #theNexusOfCorruptPoliticiansAndBureaucrats?

There are scores of such colleges that have falsely claimed scholarships and duped the Exchequer. "These colleges must be shut down, was the demand of many concerned voices in the house. 

This explosive news caused a huge brouhaha in the lower house with LEADER OF OPPOSITION, Radhkrishna Vikhe Patil objecting to such allegation. On the other side, he blamed funds meant for students are not being released by the govt. He added that despite him occupying a constitutional post, he was not even allowed to speak by the #SpeakerHaribhauBagde. Afterwards, the opposition MLAs walked out in protest accusing the govt of being anti-students. 

In 2014 also another case of #ScholarshipFraud was exposed by TOI in Nagpur university with a stunning report that #the social welfare and tribal department allegedly distributed crores of rupees to the students from banned colleges. The scholarship grants' misappropriation on larger scale is underway in other districts too.

In Gadchiroli,  Social Welfare Department Assistant Commissioner, Tukaram Barge & clerk, Vijay Bagde and former Project officer of the integrated Tribal Development Project, Digambar Mendke and clerk Sanjay Satpute were taken in police custody for issuing scholarships worth crores of Rupees to fictitious or ineligible people shown as students. 

Maharashtra is not only the State where such embezzlement takes place but these malpractices are on in other States as well.

One can safely imagine, how meanly #TheFutureOfIndia is being mistreated by these powerful corrupt people of India as the deserving students are being deprived of their due opportunities. The money that ought to be spent on the educational development of younger generation of this nation is regrettably going into the deep pockets & bank accounts of fraudulent politicians & bureaucrats. 

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