Monday, March 10, 2014


राशिद मियां अब जेल में पांच रुपये की नहीं, फ्री थाली खायेंगे !!!

रशीद जी गरीब देशवासियों को पांच रुपये में खाने की थाली मोहैया करवा रहे थे दिल्ली शहर में, अब उन्हें जेल में फ्री मिलेगी सरकारी थाली …


The Congress leader, Rashid Masood, was convicted today by the Court in MBBS SEATS allotment corruption case. Again it should be observed that it is pretty old 1990-1991 case and it is a matter of great disgrace for our Indian judiciary that justice has been handed out after 23 years. As a result, Rashid is going to be stripped off his Rajya Sabha membership like Lalu Yadav and others. The Politicians may keep saying that law is equal for all Indians but this delayed justice speaks in volumes that Indian laws are not same for our powerful politicians. They remain free for years and decades after committing political crimes. 

On the ground of his age and illness, his lawyer was seeking leniency from the judge who later sentenced him for merely four years. How come the political crimes are not treated that seriously in our country as in other nations? why do the political criminals get away so easily with little punishment that too after decades? Isn't it a ripe time to amend our ancient laws to teach them a good lesson to put an end to such malpractices. The leaders who are supposed to serve the nation are allowed to sell the nation. If you take my opinion on such crimes, the punishment should not be less than life imprisonment or capital punishment for that matter. 

For the same crimes, in China, the politicians are sentenced to death because Chinese believe that the politicians who represent the people of the country have no right to indulge in corruption. They can never be allowed to misuse their power to desecrate the sacred post.
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