Saturday, March 1, 2014


A POWERFUL weapon TO FIGHT CORRUPTION is going to be POWERLESS soon in India.
Though, there is no dedicated staff in the Govt. Depts. to provide information sought by activists, yet armed with influential RTI act, RTI community all over India with their hard work, have been able to unearth lots of stunning disclosures that were lying only in Govt. files for years away from public reach and scrutiny. This particular RTI Act has proved to be a great weapon for alert activists and even serving as a magnifying lens to commoners. Anybody can seek information almost just about anything in this country with its help. 

During RTI act’s passage in parliament, probably, the political parties and its leaders did not realize that might be a major headache for them in the future since it is being widely used by watchful activists not only against bureaucrats but politicians as well to fight steep corruption in this country.

In its landmark judgment, CIC, chief information commission of India, had declared in its stringent order that every political party would come under the ambit of RTI ACT, as all the political parties are taking benefits and advantages from the government of India. This particular order of CIC has created a great panic amongst all the political parties to protect their dark secrets that might tumble out in the future or else they would dare amend it.
It is quite obvious now; NO POLITICAL PARTY OF INDIA seems to show the will for TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY for their work…

Now, the politicians of all the parties have made a syndicate against this RTI Act as it has started ruining their political prospects and interests in the glaring eyes of the public. They have decided to make amendments in this Act to blunt its sharp teeth so that RTI activists cannot use it against the political class of this country. Though, the unsuccessful attempts for this kind of changes have been made from as early as 2006 but now to protect their vested interests they have geared up to amend it in the parliament as early as possible at any cost before the upcoming election of 2014. 

I appeal to you honest Indians that we must all stand together in solidarity to RAISE OUR VOICES to protect this strong RTI bill for the sake of stout democratic health of this country or else we would never know what is happening behind the curtains in the government departments of India.

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