Saturday, March 1, 2014


It appears that the only fundamental reason our country is enduring the massive corruption everywhere in everyday life today is because most of the Indians lack patriotism now. Their assertion that they love their country India seems only verbal and superficial love for the motherland and in reality, deep down, we all have become feeling less indifferent lot.

It is a matter of grave concern and needs deep introspection of our consciousness, thoughts, desires and souls. Do we really care to spend some time of our lives for our nation? Do we really take some pains to change what we wish to be changed? Haven’t we become apathetic and indifferent to what goes on here? We are merely voiceless spectators of massive corruption and Inflation as if we are dead inside and nothing can affect us. Though these cancerous maladies affect our lives greatly yet we do nothing about it and keep on suffering as if it is our national duty to be speechless and tolerating what we must not.

Aren’t we from the same soil that produced great martyrs in the past? Where the great visionary like Mahatma Gandhi, martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose and many more are who sacrificed their lives for our independence. This country is screaming for those revolutionary brains again to bring about change in our decomposed system. RAISE YOUR VOICE through votes. Let this upcoming election be unprecedented and historic one with largest turn out. We must not rest and stay away at home from election in 2014. Let’s not be victim but victorious. Every eligible Indian must vote and make this upcoming election of 2014 a revolutionary one to bring in new and deserving leaders to run our country or else this continual suffering will never end.

If you hold even an ounce of love for this country, for country’s sake, share this post with the people around you so that my appeal goes home to every Indian and makes some difference at least. 


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