Saturday, March 1, 2014


This country has witnessed thousands of cases where upright officers have been suspended and even at times lost their lives in the line of their duties.

Once again barely ten months after her first posting as SDM, a brave and honest 2009 batch IAS officer, Durga Shakti Nagpal, gets penalized for standing her ground in the line of her duty combating tough sand mafia to clamp down heavily on influential culprits in UP. Incidentally, equipped with Special Flying Squad structured by her, she had got over dozens of FIRs registered against unauthorized dredgers who operated along the Yamuna and Hindon rivers causing serious environmental hazards. 

The poor reason given for her suspension by the govt. is that she had ordered demolition of the wall of a mosque in her area that could have resulted in communal worry. How can a mosque, temple or church is given such a magnitude above law in this country. Are religious sentiments more significant in this country and everything else is below it? 

Though her daring acts ought to be celebrated with great enthusiasm in order to encourage her but to our dismay, she gets suspension order in reward for her integrity. Fortuitously, the media and IAS community have come forward to help her hold her head high followed by opposition leaders. Can corruption be uprooted this way in India if honesty of a brave young lady officer gets cruel suspension order like this? Will this motivate other sincere officers in our country when such a fate is written by the Govt. for them? You can imagine, what will happen to India where the honest officials are persecuted and corrupts protected.

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