Saturday, March 1, 2014


The politicians like Raj Babbar and Rashid Masood are one of those rich, overfed, insensitive, worthless and misinformed leaders of this country who cannot lead and read the havoc of inflation that is literally starving the majority of Indian citizens of this country. 

Ironically, these are the very politicians who would spend in thousands on their rich lunch and dinner and yet they are the ones making mockery of poverty blatantly on camera. The congress is getting whipped in media everywhere after their silly statements and the other congress leaders in defense are blaming the planning commission's poor assessment about who are poor and who are not. The congress must throw them out of UPA immediately who have undermined party’s image greatly which is already pretty damaged on national and international levels due to series of scams that have tumbled out under their rule. 

These politicians must be force-fed with what is available in Rs. 5 and Rs. 12, and then only they would know what can be bought in that meager amount. What they in fact mean is that Indians can eat whatever is available in Rs. Five and twelve, be happy and remain hungry because nobody can buy stomachful food in that small amount of money. 

Do they really deserve to be our leaders? They do not even know what is the definition of leadership or else they would not have spat on us scornfully like that. they are not even qualified to know the real worth of 12 Rupees is in the food market. Can these ignorant leaders offer food security to Indians? Dear Indians, It is the call of the hour; we must change these leaders and bring in new deserving ones or else we would never come out of the sea of despair.

vote for new and deserving leaders .

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