Sunday, March 2, 2014



Like I cited before in my earlier posts, there might be innumerable scams buried in our morbid system that have not seen the light yet, another huge AIR INDIA scam crops up today and hits the headlines. 

A sizable number of senior level bureaucrats like under secretaries and above are found to be involved who have claimed money from the Government on fake AIR INDIA TICKETS AND BOARDING PASSES. It has been one of the worst kept secrets, only god knows since when. Air India’s vigilant team had stumbled upon this racket in March when they detained a flyer carrying more than 600 blank AIR INDIA BOARDING PASSES. 

The vigilant division began probe and discovered that govt. employees were forging non-existent business class boarding passes and tickets with inflated fairs. For instance, one such forged ticket was priced at Rs. 2.11 Lakhs. Realizing the SIZE of the racket being ENORMOUS, the vigilant officers transferred the probe to CBI on 16th August. I am dead sure CBI would unearth multiple scams in AIR INDIA itself because now the reason is evident why our government is funding AIR INDIA and keeping it afloat though it is incurring heavy losses. This sort of neat and clean years’ long larceny cannot take place without the complicity of the politicians.

As usual, it demonstrates again, we Indians are living in a stinking cesspool of corruption created by none but our own politicians and bureaucrats. This country yells again for revolutionary measures and a complete overhauling or else these white ants will bleed us to deaths that are ceaselessly eating at our national wealth every day, every hour, every minute and every second. 

And believe me fellows; it is not going to stop here, numerous scams would tumble out after this one too because since independence, the crop of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats has grown bigger and their insatiable diet has grown as big in millions and billions. JAN LOKPAL is th e call of the hour. that is exactly what our country needs to punish them. they would continue digging graves for us until we decide to rise and prepare for them raising our voices together.

This current government will leave literally nothing for the next Government that would come in power after 2014 election. 

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