Saturday, March 1, 2014


An honest IAS officer of Indian soil ...

IAS officer, Ashok Khemka’s pure integrity deserves national salute!!

But are these ministers fair enough to get him what he deserves?

An officer of great character, a man of principles, a sound symbol of virtues and values, a true Indian and a great Hero, became victim of giant corruption being kicked again and again mercilessly with transfer orders by various state governments, not once but 44 times in the span of his 22 yrs of his career. That amounts to twice a year, a Himalayan torture he has been through. I am not sure but he looks like one who got trampled with maximum number of transfer than any other IAS officer on Indian soil, yet he rose, fought and stood like a ROCK in front of these corrupt ministers who strove relentlessly to break him but never succeeded in their goal.

His impeccable integrity and squeaky clean honesty that should bring him national glory, unfortunately, brought series of misfortunes in his life in this country. Instead of getting recognition or medals for his stark truthfulness, he has been shown the door every time he showed he nerve to fight the corrupt leaders like a great crusader against corruption. In the end, he would come out like a great winner.

I appreciate the way Durga Shakti Nagpal is getting media and IAS associations’ support but it astounds me to see how come an honest officer like Ashok Khemka has been disregarded till date in India. I personally salute to this gentleman officer. The courageous people like him and CAG chief, Mr. Vinod Rai must be our national leaders in the Govt.

Alas, we have always selected the wrong people to run our country, not once but on multiple occasions. A famous proverb, ‘Once bitten twice shy’ belies here.

It is high time we change this hideous old pattern and bring in new faces that deserve to be in the front of this nation.

His integrity that deserves the national salute !!!

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