Saturday, March 1, 2014


Crime pays in Dirty Indian politics !

Though, it has been in news on and off that MLA and MP’s seats are bought with hefty money, the video recording of Congress MP, Birender Singh with the news channels yet again confirms that big money is buying seats behind the scene. He is quoted to have said that he is in the know of a person who had kept 100 Crore budget to becomes Rajya Sabha MP but managed to grab it with Rs. 80 Crore saving 20 Crore. 

The MPs who are spending that kind of enormous money would like to produce at least ten times profit of what is worth of their tickets. How much they earn illegally in their tenure only they or God would know. This rampant buying and selling lays a strong foundation for all those scams that are cropping up most often than not in this country. This is the very reason the ill-gotten gigantic black money leaves this country. Only the corrupt politicians and the god know about the number of those unearthed scams that are still lying in darkness and have not yet seen the light of the day. It is high time to look into the booming assets and wealth of every politician in our country. 

As you are already aware that the money and muscle power are both blatantly applied in Indian politics, it is evident that politics here is a big business now, not a social work anymore to serve the nation. As per the latest statistics of these criminal elements in Rajya Sabha and Parliament there are about 30% politicians who have criminal proceeding against them and the analysis exposes to our revulsion that they have attained huge wealth after their victories and what really distresses more is that they are likely to win again in upcoming election of 2014. This is the horrific and sickening current state of Indian politics. 

Sorry to say, we have only given them power by voting for them or else they would not be there in the Govt. If we don’t open our sixth sense now and put a complete full stop to this hideous trend, then we are heading to a nightmarish future for more miseries and despair in the times to come. Don’t forget who took the money for their tickets? Both are corrupt the buyer of the ticket and the seller of the ticket in Indian politics. If we count the ticket sellers too then only god knows how many criminals are there in the govt. Can anybody expect this chunk of criminals in State Assembly and Parliament, to serve the public with crimes and dishonesty in their character? Mind it dear Indians, we are no less criminal and corrupt if we go on supporting these crime-contaminated politicians. They will do nothing for our country but spread incurable infection all over our nation.


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