Wednesday, March 12, 2014



In a poor attempt to connect with the voters, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, in one of his electoral rallies stated that the money sent from center is not being used for state development. To the listeners or readers it would mean that the state Bureaucrats and State Ministers are siphoning it off mid way. If that is the case then the Congress sitting in the Center is entirely responsible for what is happening in our country since independence. 

This is the very reason why people gather at RamLeela Maidan against the ruling governments and asks for transparency and accountability. That is the very reason that Crores of rupees and rich jewelries are discovered during the raids from the governments officials residences. That is the very reason that the huge money gets dumped in Swiss banks and other Black money Havens.

If the money coming from center for states, Mr. Rahul, is not being used for the STATE DEVELOPMENT then there is something very wrong with our twisted system. It seems there is no transparency to let you and people know how the money is being used or the center must devise some way to discover where, how and when the money is being spent. The states governments have to be accountable to the central govt. 

Being at the helm of affairs if you are not able to straighten the things out from our rotten system, Mr. Rahul then how do you expect people to support you or the Congress? It is so strange that you are asking common people to dream big in order to sell your dreams whereas it is the duty and job of the Politicians who have to dream big for the people and then execute it for the benefits of the society. 

Are you implying that the people did not dream big therefore they did not get what they were looking for? 

Isn't it a laughable excuse? 

The congress has been ruling our country for almost past 60 years and yet people are dying of hunger and malnutrition being reported every now and then in newspapers. Please don’t sell the dreams to common men, Mr. Rahul, they are fed up of buying it again and again and again and again….

Talk something that we can buy.
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