Sunday, March 16, 2014



Dear Indians,

Day by day, lots of Indians are extending support to a New National Hero of our times, Arvind Kejriwal but I am sorry to say that this support is not going to help him much. It has to grow in leads and bounds astronomically before 2014 election if we at all want our country to be reformed completely to help him take it out of political gutter it is in. 

It brings us shame to us all that what Mr. Roshan Lal Joshi, an outsider, a Nepal resident in America can see we can not see it in our own country. Viewing this video has really jolted my soul considerably and I would like every honest Indian to watch it that is why I have decided to upload it on my page today. 

Please WATCH THIS VIDEO that would open your eyes, Indians. Look at it and see what he says in this video: 

Why should we continue supporting these characterless, valueless politicians who have done literally nothing for us till date. They have served us nothing but corruption. There is not a single govt. dept where there is no corruption. There are huge chunk of corrupt, tainted criminals in their folds who are facing serious charges in Indian courts and there is none in AAP. 

It is sad to see what is happening these days. Our country has been divided in two major segments now. one segment is standing against the corruption with utter determination to crush it and the other that is standing boldly beside the old, ugly and sickening system of our country, in other words, another chunk of India is standing beside corruption throwing mud, attacking offensively day in day out with tacit support of Media, throwing, smearing black ink, showing black flags, flinging stones at the caravan of AAM AADMI PARTY that has taken birth out of a great revolution that had stirred our nation couple of years back at Delhi.  

Should we carry on supporting these deep rooted well-established political outfits that have bled us dry with massive corruption and inflation or extend a helping hand to new honest & truthful leader, Arvind Kejriwal who is ready to sacrifice everything that he has to CHANGE OUR NATION?


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