Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Today, I happened to see NAMO's speech of Jammu rally on a news channel wherein he has compared AK (Arvind Kejriwal) as a deadly AK49 gun. Let me confess here that I personally do hold certain admiration for his orating skills that keep his audience glued to the spot. The kind of selective and effective words and phrases he uses in his speeches that sets him quite apart from many others as a popular rhetorician.  The beauty of Arvind Kejriwal's speech is that you only get the reflection of his honesty, his ideology and strong will to change the nation. 

But you should know what made me laugh today, guys? It was Narendra Modi's poor sense of perception, because so far as I perceive AK (Arvind) he is not merely an assault AK-49 rifle in this country but in fact an deadliest NUCLEAR BOMB for massive Indian corruption and 2014 Election and it is good for all of us that he is being taken quite lightly by Mr. Narendra Modi.

If you remember, media had been asking for a long time as to why Mr. Narendra Modi is quiet on Arvind Kejriwal who is literally pulling down his image on multiple issues & his lucrative connections with AMBANI & ADANI and criticizing NAMO almost every day in his interviews and speeches across nation. 

Having realized that Arvind is turning out to be a biggest obstacle in his way and a force to reckon with, NAMO in his Avatar as future PM of India today exploded from under the snow like an angry volcano that was sleeping & simmering for quite some time to spew its hot lava & gas out. He broke his silence at last but alas, with his poor judgment about Arvind's abilities as a leader. No other leader in India has got this kind of massive popularity what he has garnered in such a short span of time.

In this DO & DIE SITUATION for himself, Narendra Modi couldn't get hold of any substantial loopholes and effective issues against this honest leader so he settled with dubbing him as AK-49 of India as Pakistan agent.

Either NAMO is not acquainted with the hard facts about Arvind and his sacrifices or he believes in the crap that our somewhat biased media is feeding the Indians relentlessly but we all know it is the truth that triumphs in the end not the falsehood. I sometimes wonder if our media is responsible for this continuous cycle of corruption since it gets easily manipulated with money by established demonic forces of our country.  

NAMO should know that Arvind Kejriwal is the first CM of this country who has served more in mere 49 days in Delhi than any other Chief Minister of this country that includes him too. I can safely say here that what Arvind has done in 49 days, NAMO could not even do in 15 yrs in Gujarat. Did he order for audit into the companies that sell electricity in Gujarat let alone other achievements of AAP? 

AK is the leader & mentor who has taught skills of true leadership to many fake leaders of this country. NAMO opened thousands of tea stalls across over 300 cities to connect with people. Rahul is forced to follow AK visiting Rly porters, fishermen, Rikshaw Pullers and so on... Rajasthan CM, Vasundhara Raje is foot stepping on AK's foot prints denying VIP CULTURE and reducing her security drastically... MP's CM, Shivraj Chauhan started visiting Rain Basera in his state after watching Manish Sisodia's visits to look into their grievances. Maharashtra's CM, has declared to reduce electricity by 20% in his state and so on. I can write on an on on how these so called leaders are following and imitating him in leaps and bounds and yet criticizing him since he has started stepping into their political territories blowing their lids.

NAMO would not show the courage to accept the challenge of HEALTHY DEBATE offered by AK but portray him as Pakistan agent to supersede him. For past 15 years, he himself has not been able to eradicate the corruption from Gujarat state, he would not utter a word on undue surveillance done by Gujarat cops on a particular woman of his interest on the instructions of Amit Shah, he would not care to resolve the issues of his farmers in Gujarat but he would dare spit venom at AK, the most spotless, virtuous Leader of our times. 

In his speech, he also used arrow of AAP and derided against dynastic politics training his gun against Congress that was incidentally raised by AAP long time back. he doesn't have answers to a host of queries sent by Arvind to him, he would show the decency & courtesy to meet AK when he visited Gujarat & showed interest to meet him, he would comment on inapt behavior of Gujarat Cops when AK was unduly detained by them during his visit, he didn't have any explanation for BJP's scams during its rule in India, he did not have courage to speak about BJP's own dynastic candidature allotted to two sitting and three former chief ministers of BJP? The BJP's list is as big and no different from Congress's. There are many children that are jumping  into Lokshabha election like Poonam Mahajan, Anurag Thakur, Varun Gandhi, Jayant Sinha, Rajbir Singh, Parvesh Verma, Dushyant Singh, Abhishek Singh etc. and BJP claims it can not be compared to the CONGRESS on this issue. 




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