Saturday, March 1, 2014



Since independence for the first time on 12TH July, 2013, Realizing the call of the hour, the Supreme Court of India upholding a Patna High Court decision of 2004, delivers landmark rulings that bar jailed politicians from contesting polls and disqualify convicted MPs from staying in office, thereby offering a great contribution on its behalf to clean dirty Indian politics that has about 30% such criminal elements in the sitting govt. and the opposition parties who are facing number of criminal proceedings against them. Still, this unworthy lot is given all the stately respect and allowed to be part of law making process in the sacred parliament and also enjoy all the national comforts that should only be given to those rightful leaders who intend to serve the nation with sincerity. 
When the ruling comes in the favor of entire nation’s interests from the highest Court, in all parties meeting at Delhi, the politicians of assorted parties decide to gang up together to defy the supremacy of the Supreme Court and determine to challenge its rulings through new legislation only because the said judgments do not favor their vested interests. 

Most often, these very political leaders offer statements to media that they have complete confidence and hold great respect in the virtuous functioning of the Supreme Court whenever they discover its judgment is in their favor, surprisingly now, they express its sense of judgment in not sound for the health of Indian politics because any one can throw their rivals in jail. 

But how can it be achieved? Is there no law of the land in India? Are the investigative agencies incapable in this country? Can’t they find out who is wrong and who is right if some politician gets false charges against him/her? 
HAMAM MEIN YE SAB NANGE HEIN DOST, an age old proverb strikes true in the current scenario. They are one and the same. The fur of same feather, flock together. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours maxim is well justified here to see them banding together against the Supreme Court. To defend their personal benefits, they change colors instantly like a chameleon. 

They all are behaving now as though they are above the law. Their collective disgusting response is giving an ugly impression to us as if the Supreme Court is merely meant for the common citizens of India not for the political representatives. This is the timely golden opportunity offered by the god to help us identify their true selves, dear Indians. This trend has to be wiped out completely or democracy will die in this country for good. It seems none is worth being there. 

Moreover, these political parties are not ready to keep themselves under the purview of RTI (Right to Information) act though it is the strong wish of the entire nation that they have a right to know everything that goes on in this country.

Haven’t we empowered the wrong people who do not deserve to lead us? Are these really so called our representatives who refuse blatantly public’s demands and only care for their personal interests? We have to recognize the true and honest leaders of this country in the upcoming election of 2014 who can serve the nation with truthfulness or else this great demonic mouth of corruption and inflation will always be wide open and ever ready to swallow all of us...

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