Tuesday, March 11, 2014



It unnerves us greatly that a personal remark of an honest, EX MILITARY CHIEF, Mr. V. K. Singh on Supreme Court’s handling of his birth date issue is perceived as contempt of Supreme Court. What would we call it when the judges of Indian courts take years and years to deliver judgment against political leaders? Isn’t it contempt of the HOLY COURT by judges? 

Where the sanctity of Supreme Court was when literally every politician was speaking against its historic rulings for the convicted politicians? Where the inviolability of the court is when the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT decides to conceal the list of SWISS BANK BLACK MONEY ACCOUNT HOLDERS from the nation and the Supreme Court endorses it. Where the piety of the court was when Solicitor General of India, national spokesperson of the congress, Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhavi was found copulating with another female lawyer in the pious premises of the court? Where the sanctity of the court was when the Delhi High Court restrained media house from publishing, telecasting and broadcasting the contents of the sex tape of Mr. Abhishek Singhvi? Shouldn't it be made public so that every Indian gets to know what are these corrupt politicians doing behind the scene. 

Recently, Mr. Lalu Yadav had stated that he had met with injustice in the court. should he be prosecuted for contempt of court too on his personal take on the court? 

I can go on and on and give several instances but my standpoint here is that Mr. V. K. Singh’s remark about Supreme Court handling of his age issue is merely his personal opinion for which he is entitled as FREEDOM OF SPEECH is his fundamental & constitutional right. The Supreme Court has no business to crush his personal views. 

To me, it seems he has been penalized since he shared the same dais with prime candidate of BJP for PM’s post, Mr. Narendra Modi, the day he made his debut speech after his nomination was announced. 

The Court should have given the respect to Mr. V. K. Singh’s liberty to speech instead of sending notice for contempt of court. 

Indians, it may be recalled that Defence Minister Mr. AK Antony had showed no interest in ordering an inquiry after this very army chief Mr. V. K. Singh told him that he had been offered a 14-crore bribe to clear a deal for military trucks.
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