Sunday, March 2, 2014


The maladies galore in developed India. Could you call it a decent living ?

1. The successive Indian Governments in India till date have not been able to curb alarming population boom with encouraging policies and schemes to motivate the people for family planning.

2. The justice deliverance takes place after decades and decades here, and quite often, after the deaths of the victims and accused.

3. Young children die and fall sick of mid day meal service provided by the Government of India in various states. What an irony! Even kids’ lives are not spared by these corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

4. The value of Rupee against US Dollar has dwindled year by year that was quite sturdy and strong at the time of Independence in 1947

5. In the times of computer age, the digitization of the important records in Govt. offices is inching forward on snail pace. The rumors are heard that the fires that often take places are in fact attempts to destroy records that could implicate bureaucrats in corrupt practices. Yet there is no serious effort to find the truth behind these rumors.

6. The Important files with records related to irregularities in several Govt. departments like recent coal ministry, go missing from time and again to safeguard corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

7. CBI, the highest investigating agency hasn't yet got independent status even after several years of freedom of this country.

8. Millions and Billions are allowed to spend by the political parties and the Govt. of India on election campaigns that could have been saved and utilized for development purposes.

9. After decades of independence, the country is still inflicted with series of scams after scams displaying the bottomless cesspit of corruption the Indians are living in.

10. The food grains stored by states and central Govt. are still lying in the open for the rains to decay it and not being distributed to poor Indians properly.

11. The political parties challenge the impartiality of Supreme Court of India and gang up against it when it tried to stop criminal elements to enter the political arena with its historic rulings keeping in view the public interest.

12. The political parties are entitled to gang up against (RTI) the public interests and continual struggle of Indians that demand transparency and accountability in India.

13. The miserable jam-packed conditions of trains and buses in India for state and national transportation services speak aloud itself about what we have achieved so far.

14. The pitiable conditions of state and national roads that howl relentlessly for maintenance. The repair work continues year after year to fill the pockets of the nexus of bureaucrats and corrupt contractors.

15. After so many years of Aadhar Cards’ since its inception in 2009 till date Govt. has not been able to accomplish its goal. Where is the huge money going to achieve its target? 

16. Let alone other kinds of debasement, the adulteration in food and medicines are still not curbed even after 67 years of independence that is taking toll on human lives, a heinous crime that is dealt with capital punishment in other countries.

17. Still, after 67 Years of our so called liberty the political parties' tickets are sold to parliament and assembly candidates behind the curtains who vie for political careers. In return, they all get into action to recover it and fill their pockets and banks with black money.

18. During the national election, the eligible voters are not allowed to vote if they are on the move in different parts of the country whereas they get to votes in other countries.

19. There are no serious efforts on behalf of Central Govt. to bring back mammoth black money lying in foreign banks that can change the poverty scenario of our country, let alone announcing it as national wealth.

20. There are no digital records of criminals all over India centrally connected to states as yet.

21. There are no adequate border securities around our country to defend our territories from neighboring countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It seems anybody can intrude anytime.

22. There is no CCTV cameras installation done yet by the state and central Govt. all over country for its security and safety.

23. The traffic cops are still found taking bribes in the broad day light on the roads.

24. The judges implicated in corrupt practices, held under national crime, aren't dealt with severity to maintain the sanctity of judiciary.

25. The amount what is spent by Indians on the education of their children in this country is colossal compared to other developed countries.

26. The educational institutes are surprisingly allowed to become booming business centers in this country to rip off money from the parents as donation and school fee.

27. The huge numbers of criminals are still at large due to slow judicial process in our country and even allowed and honored to take part in parliament and state assemblies’ elections.

28. There is no adequate transparency and accountability established in the functioning of Govt. offices as yet to keep the corruption cycle on and on.

29. There is no check and control on the people who are seen defecating and urinating on road sides in the open, not to speak of inadequate sanitary facilities in our country.

30. There is no special protection provided to honest officers but are rather rewarded with repeated transfers and suspensions where as corrupt politicians are well equipped with special armed securities.

31. The governments are unable to curb the prices of daily-use commodities, the ruling party decides to sell onion to save their image in the eyes of the Indians for vote banks. The stockists and hoarders are allowed to make hay while sun shines.

32. There is no implementation of the Supreme Court’s ruling; thousands of the vehicles are still moving on the roads with tinted and dark glasses in every state. 

33. Even after decades of independence there are thousands of places in India where basic amenities have not been provided. 

34. Is this true independence where the farmers who feed the entire nation with their crops, go on committing suicides ?

I can go on and on because there is no end to it .....

P.S.: These are a few things that come to my mind. I am sure if we set out on an intense research (R & D) research on the subject we can pin point endless maladies in our nation that needs serious attention from our leaders. 

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