Saturday, March 15, 2014


Why should the innocent flat owners of Worli, Mumbai, suffer for the crimes committed by the nexus of private builders, political leaders and bureaucrats? This horrible nexus is spread everywhere across our nation. This illegal construction of few floors could not have been possible without the illegal nexus that is running our country. Why wasn't this so called illegal construction stopped right when the builder began his work?  Why should innocent inmates of the building suffer at all? 

Is this what we have achieved after independence? if we cannot provide justice to the common people of this country then what is the meaning of this independence. Have we really attained true independence? we may have hundreds of reasons to speak high of India's development but at the same time we have thousands of reasons to condemn this development and freedom we take great pride in. Was this freedom meant for a few privileged people of this country only who are allowed to plunder Indians. 

Aren't we living in a hellish system? Where are our so called leaders who speak of development at length? Where are our bureaucratic authorities who claim to be running this country perfectly? 

Isn't this mockery of justice in India? How come our judiciary favors municipality now? Why doesn't our judiciary hold them accountable for their crimes? Are the laws meant only for lower class of Indian society?

Will corruption win over honesty? 

Who will punish corrupt BMC officers and Builders who had allowed the commencement of these illegal floors? 

When will our system be transparent? When would we be able to enforce accountability in govt. dept? 

Who is going to change this horrible state of affairs, if not us?

Do we still have doubts that we need new leaders now? 

Can't we put an end to this vicious cycle of rampant corruption on our soil in 2014? 

Can't we put an end to this nexus that is running our country in 2014? 

who is going to wipe the tears of miseries of these innocent people of our country?

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