Tuesday, March 4, 2014



An RTI query has EXPOSED over 17000 tonnes of food grains were damaged in three years between 2010 and July 2012 at various storage facilities of FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA, (FCI) in 23 States and Union territories, at a time when the parliament has passed FOOD SECURITY BILL SNARE that was proposed by ruling government. 

This is why they intend to stop these kinds of STINGING EXPOSURES that bare them all. The reason becomes obvious why these parliamentarians, so called our representatives, want to suffocate this great tool of RTI Act that has turned into a sharp weapon to fight gangrenous corruption in our country. 

The Food security bill is nothing but an OBVIOUS STAB to hook the voters into their vicious political fold just like fish and mice are lured and trapped with food hanging in its hook. It is the tax payers’ money that is going down the drain in number of ways like in the form of food grains being wasted in various states of our country. 

It is sad to note down here that the Central Govt. and State Governments do not have adequate resources and infrastructure for food storage management in our so called developed India let alone providing food to poor Indians. They have rather struggled over and over again on two counts- safe storage of food grains and inadequate facilities for food items.

Why just before upcoming 2014 election?

It would certainly be a matter of great interest to peep into past as to how many pledges were made by all the successive governments of India and how many promises have been fulfilled by them since independence. 

On record, it has been stated by food process industries minister in the parliament, Sharad Pawar that inadequate storage infrastructure resulted in wastage of fruits, grains and vegetables worth Rs 44,000 Crore every year. Just imagine how many poor people would have been fed by such an unreasonable wastage in our country, had it been distributed timely to them. 

Keeping World Health Organization guidelines in mind, a minimum of 250g food grains is needed per person per day for survival. This cumulative loss could have fed at least seven Crore people.

Do they have such a pious will to serve poor Indians? If it is, it must show in their work, habitual tall claims and promises made to voters every five years. 

Ripe time for new honest leaders to make their national appearance to lead India to its bright future

It is our national obligation to elect new leaders who serve to this nation.

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