Sunday, March 2, 2014



30th April onward, the year 2013 becomes blackest year in the economic history of Incredible India (projected in promotional ads) as the Indian Rupee continues to crumble rapidly to all time low from Rs.54 against US Dollar to Rs.64 as if the Indian Govt. is clueless and helpless to take preventive measures to impede its decline. The Indian Govt. has done it in the past. Why so vulnerable now? 

The British pound scores century joyfully in this scenario, The American Dollar continues to run ahead of weakest ever Indian Rupee. Heed it, it has not happened for the first time when Indian Rupee has lost its vigor in international economic arena but somehow this govt.’s economic minds do not seem to have concrete ideas to restore the strength of Indian Rupee back, let alone repair the crisis. The measures and precautions that are being taken by the central Govt. are not effective at all to prevent degrading value of Rupee. Will this great and seemingly unstoppable collapse be blocked by this Government? Will the Rupee continue its journey going down the hill and perhaps will stop on its own and rest at the lowest point of the entire world’s monetary units?

The LEADING QUESTION is why this has happened.

This MAJOR DECLINE of Indian Rupee would not have been possible without substantial grounds for it like poor performance of this RULING GOVERNMENT at not single but multiple levels. 

I wish I could say, “IS BHARAT NIRMAAN PE HAQ HAI MERA!!!”
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