Saturday, March 1, 2014


Aren’t we living in a deep hell of corruption?

Excise officers try to frame a shop owner in Mumbai...

What an outstanding way to extort money from a businessman!! 

Today as usual, I read the news how a few excise officers tried to trap a shop owner in Mumbai and realized it deserved to be on my page for everyone to know the corruption will not let up its lethal grip over us even after we have staged national protests, candle marches in the national capital, Delhi, against this deeply rooted menacing sky scrapper of corruption on our soil. It is challenging us with roaring thunders that its foundation is so strong that nothing can happen to it, you guys are too weak to even dent it, let alone destroying it. ‘I am going to be right in the heart of Indian soil sucking your blood every day.’ it says defiantly with multiple corruption cases erupting all over around us. 

Hadn’t the shop owner installed CCTV cameras in his shop at Mumbai, he would have been another innocent victim crying for justice from behind the bars of some Indian prison. 

I do not know how many have been victims of the same modus operandi who did not have CCTV footage for their defense. It becomes a matter of grave concern to find out how many have been victimized by this excise investigating officer Mr. Vinay Shirke and his team till date.

In a cinematic manner, a so called buyer appears at the stationery shop with a box which he leaves at the door of the shop and purchases a pen and getting his photo copy done at 1.07pm, steps out leaving behind the box containing illegal bottles of liquor. Every moment of this horrifying sequence gets recorded on CCTV camera even his passing on the information on phone that the job is done. 

Within the little span of 15 mins, a posse of excise officers shows up at 1.24pm and announces that they got a tip off about some illegal liquor business being run from this shop. The staff gets shock of their lives as the corrupt excise officers begin their search and one of them brings the same box from the doorstep of the shop and opens it in front of them and takes out liquor bottles to establish the shop owner’s crime. It is a matter of great importance to note here that the excise office is situated up the town in fort area and it would take no less than an hour for anyone to reach the shop, yet they reached within 15 mins. 

I can imagine the excise officers led by inspector Mr. Vinay Shirke would have been paralyzed later to learn that every moment of this well devised cinematic plot was recorded on camera from beginning to end that helped their vicious plan fell through. The god watching from above had probably decided to put an end to the handiwork of these corrupt excise officers. 

The excise officers finally left after two and half hour saying that the CCTV had saved them. The owner of the said shop, Mr. Pravin patel sought help from the Merchants welfare association. Ashok Patel filed a complaint with the Excise Commissioner, Mr. Sanjay Mukherjee, the state excise minister, the anti corruption bureau and the cops. 

The Excise Commissioner said, ‘we are inquiring into the matter. Whoever is found to be at fault whether the excise officers or a third party- will be punished?’ It an open-and-shut case to find out from the man who left box and the phone call records on his phone. However as usual, I believe nothing will happen to the culprits of this case. These corrupt excise officers will not be dealt with severe punishment and will get away because there is no such will.

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