Thursday, March 13, 2014



Rattled by the poor pre-poll surveys results, not in its favor, the Congress Leasers approach Election commission and ask EC to ban them forever. Mind it, these surveys have never been banned before in the past in India. 

Why now? For Congress’s sake? For Rahul Gandhi’s sake? 

Instead of knocking EC’s doors, worrying about the survey results, the congress should have been careful while performing during its rule The elections are won on the basis of good performance, progress and achievements. In 2014 election, the Indians are going to vote against massive corruption and inflation borne by them during their rule, not because of these surveys. These surveys only reflect what people feel in majority of the current government. 

The Congress is making fool of itself if it believes that banning surveys would help them win the upcoming election. 

Why didn’t it oppose the surveys in the past when it showed good results in its favor? 

The congress seems to be surrounded by dimwits who come up with these kinds of detrimental suggestions that would only undermine the party more and more. The highlight is that the Congress High Command buys it without applying its mind. 

No political party has any business or right to be in power if it doesn’t fulfill its promises made to the country folks, if it doesn’t serve well.

I personally believe, we must come out of this rut of supporting political families (dynasty rule) who have done literally nothing for this nation and vote new leaders to power who have clean image and strong will to bring about drastic changes in our stinking system. 

My prediction that CONGRESS is dying in this country day by day is going to come true and that would probably be the best thing happening to our motherland. It has bled us dry !

Time for revolutionary changes in India!

Time for New brighter India !

Rise India Rise !

Without Congress, Your future is bright !

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