Thursday, March 6, 2014




The mere coincidences that give power to superstitions world over are not only the reasons but there are umpteen religious SELF-PROCLAIMED FAKE BABAS in India who promote this malady selling religions and fleecing money off susceptible families that suffer from SOCIAL & FINANCIAL WOES. It is a matter of great concern here that certain over greedy Indian news and other channels help these phony religious leaders too in their mission for money precedes the morals for them.

Though, on the one side at times, news channels expose fake TANTRIKS, FAKIRS AND PANDITS and perform their moral duties to open the eyes of the society however on the other side a few news channels would not hesitate to acquire immoral wealth on hours long paid televised shows of Certain BABAS who promote superstitions and trap innocent, aggrieved families that are ready to sacrifice any amount of money with the beliefs that these Babas can help them turn their misfortune into fortunes. Had it been so easy, with the divine and mystic powers THESE FAKE RELIGIOUS LEADERS would be the richest people of this world overnight? If they are really that powerful then how come in the times of their personal problems they are knocking the doors of Indian courts to get reliefs?

As it is, the noxious poison of superstitions, fallacies, black magic and blind beliefs is deeply set in Indian society, still the certain news channels spread it in broad day light right under the noses of Indian authorities broadcasting such programs of fake BABAS who claim to have attained Nirvana. No doubt with the telecast of such shows the channels rake in huge money but there are myriad other ways to earn virtuous money than stooping so low to promote destructive maladies tacitly. 

When a great crusader like Narendra Dhabolkar, gets killed, the Maharashtra government readily passes a bill against superstitions to grab political mileage but would do nothing to stop the deceitful commercial practices of these Babas in the country to expose their false claims through meticulous investigation. The number of channels that broadcast such shows is not in one or two numbers but over 40.

Where is the morality of Indian news channels? Probably lying in the lockers where their money is stored. The rumors that often do the rounds that media get sold assumes credence when the greed evinces in the functioning of NEWS CHANNELS. 

In the times of media investigation, all these news channels require is a single careful sting operation to bare them but they wouldn't since the huge money keeps amassing in their bank accounts from them.
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