Saturday, March 1, 2014


Corruption cracks powerful judiciary pillar again..

There must be extra ordinary punishment laid out in Indian constitution for the unscrupulous judges who are found to be corrupt since they belong to an unbiased and honest community of our country. They are offered the highest posts because of their veracity and they are assigned to protect the sanctity of the Indian courts dispensing justice with utmost sincerity and therefore they cannot be part of corrupt practices at any cost. 

Having observed the rapid pace of inflation in India, the Sixth Pay Commission recommended the due hike in the salaries and allowances of the Supreme Court and High Court Judges and consequently they were given three fold increments by the govt. with an intention that they live comfortable lives and don’t get lured into malpractices. Still, the country has witnessed multiple instances where several judges have been found guilty of corrupt and malpractices in India. 

I need not remind here since it is world known that Mr. Soumitra Sen, a retired judge of the Kolkata High court, is the first Judge in independent India to have been impeached in India’s Rajya Sabha after a three judge inquiry committee well established Sen's misconduct in stashing the money in his personal bank account. Mr. Sen had kept the money with him even after being appointed as the High Court judge in 2003. It was only in 2006 after HC order; he returned the said misappropriated money. 

Recently again, a special CBI Court on Wednesday ordered to frame charges against the retd former Punjab and Haryana High Court Judge, Nirmal yadav for her alleged involvement in the 2008 cash at judge’s door. This matter by chance came to light in 2008 when a bag containing Rs. 15 Lakhs in cash was wrongly delivered by a clerk, Prakash Ram, at the residence of Justice Nirmaljit Kaur following which she reported the matter to the cops. Later an inquiry was instituted and it was found that the money was meant for Nirmal Yadav but was delivered erroneously to Nirmal Kaur due to some confusion over their names. 

What most appalling reality is that the devil of Indian corruption is making inroads in extremely revered courts of our country? When the honorable judges of Indian courts, armed with privileges of good salaries, extra benefits and securities are found implicated in corruption, why are not they punished with maximum severity to set an example in the entire nation to discourage the other judges from deadly attraction of greed. 

Nevertheless who cares attitude has become as common as corruption in this country that is regrettably observed all over India. 

Isn’t it our foremost duty to raise our strong voices against it? Isn’t being quiet against corruption we face in everyday life in a way a national crime? Aren’t we giving the protection to corrupt people tacitly being speechless? Dear Indians, we must realize that our silence is the main culprit due to which we all are suffering from it till date being mere voiceless and helpless spectators. 
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