Wednesday, March 5, 2014




Rise to your national duty fellow countrymen! Come forward to change the putrid system of our motherland! Look for new and upright leaders only who can lead us, not bleed us! Like I said before, I reiterate here, if you want to change this country, change the leaders of this country who believe in Lordship not in leadership. Vote for new honest candidate only for a change. Don’t sell your vote to the ruling Govt. that has served you nothing but mayhem of miseries and sorrows till now. Look at the dwindling economy of your nation day by day. Look at the way they devise innovative ways of scams after scams. Look at the way; they amass astronomical wealth in mere five years of their tenure.

'SC judgement was erroneous' is a statement given by Kapil Sibal. These are the ones who have stood together to protect their vested interests against the historic Supreme Court rulings that have been delivered in the best interest of the entire nation to cleanse criminality from Indian politics. These are the ones who have formed a United Gang to keep themselves out of RTI, Act that has the power to offer us reasonable transparency in what these politicians, industrialists and bureaucrats are doing behind the curtains.


Value the strength of your ballot! Your vote is the sharpest and deadliest weapon to hit at the roots of ever-growing corruption nurtured by these corrupt leaders. Don’t sell your vote to the Indian Government that is trying to ensnare you with food bill and 13 such direct benefit transfer schemes right before election to gain political dividends. Don’t overlook their desperation to get back to power that is why they launch such monetary assurances believing that gullible voters can easily be fooled and bought with such schemes of cash and food. They would provide you less and in return would take pound of your flesh.

Every single vote counts. If you are an adult and eligible for voting, make sure your voting card is made before forthcoming election of 2014 since new voters chip in a huge contribution to change our country. Online registration for new voter is must. Make sure the voting card has been made and delivered to you well in advance. Make sure you make conscious efforts to get it done. Refuse to be a part of gullible vote banks for the government. These ruling politicians are to blame for ever rising inflation and the colossal corruption that you find around you in everyday life. There is not a single govt. dept where corruption doesn't rule. These very corrupt leaders will come begging for your vote. Don’t give them power again to pillage you for another five years.

Break the belief that the YOUNG BLOOD OF INDIA stays away from Indian electoral process and is therefore partly responsible for the sufferings of this country.

Don’t let this happen this time and take a solemn pledge to vote against the corrupt leaders and make this upcoming 2014 election a revolutionary one.

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