Tuesday, March 25, 2014



In CONGRESS CAMP, the hearts are shaken, the legs are weak, the confidence is low, the spirits are damp, the panic stricken congress leaders seem under utter depression for looming debacle of their party in upcoming general election of 2014. Just waiting with the bated breath for the final death knoll to strike because they are well aware of which way the wind is blowing. They all seem to have realized by now that their days are numbered and it is merely a matter of days before the world knows it. Though they would never accept it in the media hoping against hope before the election takes place. I am of the opinion, The CONGRESS PARTY would lose its national status and would be treated like an independent new party after 2014 election of Loksabha. I wouldn't be surprised if it is dubbed as the worst political party of this election 2014.

Their defeat is written all over the wall now and pretty evident through their body languages, their diffident speeches, losing spirits and enthusiasms.


The way the rats scamper to leave the SINKING SHIP OF CONGRESS, Lots of its candidates are shifting their loyalties and jumping into the safer wagon of other political parties and the plight of BIG FISHES of CONGRESS is such they are helpless to do so. They are either offering not to contest election this time, moving over to Rajya Sabha seat or looking for safer seats in desperation hoping somehow to win their seats so that WIN can save their face and find some grace in front CONGRESS HIGH COMMAND.

You may see it as fear of ANTI-INCUMBENCY, AAP EFFECT OR MODI WAVE but the reality is that several Congress leaders that includes some of the BIG GUNS are too frightened to see the defeat in their constituencies.

MANISH TIWARI, Union I&B minister who is an MP from Ludhiana is no longer sure of his victory from the same constituency and has trained his guns on Chandigarh constituency.

The Congress spokesperson and Firozabad MP, RAJ BABBAR, wants to change his seat. He wants to contest from Ghaziabad, Noida or Lucknow.

The blusterer Congress minister, Gonda MP, BENI PRASAD SHARMA, confesses that Kaisarganj is quite suitable and safe seat for him although he would want to contest from Gonda as well.

Mohammed Azharuddin, former cricketer and Moradabad MP, shows keenness to contest from West Bengal. He has lost interest in Moradabad.

Union minister pradeep Jain Aditya who is an MP from Jhansi Lok Sabha constituency, wants to contest from Sagar in MP this time.

Ex Union minister, Kumari Shailja, a dalit face, has been sent to Rajya Sabha instead of asking her to contest the Loksabha elections.

Rahul Gandhi's advisor, Digvijay Singh wished to contest from his traditional Raghopur constituency in MP, but the |CONGRESS thought it otherwise to send him to Rajya Sabha.

There is a huge list of scared politicians in CONGRESS and I doubt even Rahul Gandhi would be able to secure his seat from Amethi this time around. He has been imitating Arvind Kejriwal blatantly trying to establish his connect with the people addressing JAN SABHAS and making tall promises which he could easily fulfill during CONGRESS RULE. Where had he been all these years since we all know Congress has ruled this country for about 60 years and given less to India and taken away more.

Why did not Rahul Gandhi fulfill his promises before?

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