Friday, March 28, 2014


Good News Guys! Time for celebration before Election! 

These days, it seems every body is going along the wave of revolution in our country. The Election commission of India for the first time has taken a positive stand to educate and spread awareness amongst people of India with the help of posters that urge people to only aim for the honest and upright candidates in their constituency and dump criminals and corrupt. The posters to be displayed at polling booths also advocate people to beware of those who offer money, liquor in exchange of their votes & ask them to come to vote in large turn outs in 2014. 

Better late than never! 

Just imagine, as expected and sensing its defeat, THE CONGRESS is raising question to EC's posters! You know why? They believe that these posters are designed against their party. I wish they had a little bit of more mental acumen to realize that they are not conceived against any party but the COLOSSAL CORRUPTION this country has been facing in every day life and making lives miserable of common people. But dont they know they have served more corruption to Indian than any other party? Actually, they are detecting the defeat beforehand and on 16th May they would get the massive shock of their lives when Congress would find itself in its grave dug by their leaders only.

It is a matter of great shame to Indian Governments that votes are still bought & bartered with such abject means on our soil. Who are supposed to end such malpractices if not our governments? The laws of our country that are either archaic or lack implementation, are to be blamed for these nefarious and undemocratic activities that are still being used openly or else EC would not have to design & display such posters. 

It is good that they are at least using their conscience to curb these ugly things during polling times. 


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