Monday, March 24, 2014

आम आदमी की शक्ति को आम आदमी को देंगे हम


आम आदमी की शक्ति को आम आदमी को देंगे हम
अधिकार जो उसका अपना है हर आदमी को देंगे हम

क्या यही है वो आज़ादी जिसकी खातिर लहू बहाया था
आँखों में जिसका सपना लेकर, मौत को गले लगाया था
क्या यही है वो स्वराज जिसकी खातिर गोली खाई थी
क्या यही है वो सौगात जिसकी खातिर जान लुटाई थी
कुछ  भी हो  हर हाल मेंइस  देश  को बदलेंगे हम
आम आदमी की शक्तियां आम आदमी को देंगे हम

Guys, I came across this video today which is going to shake your soul like it did mine and urge you to introspect if you are really going to support the best political option that you have in this upcoming 2014 election or you are also being misguided & misled by media and different hate stories doing the round against spotless Aam Aadmi Party. Don't buy what media sells to you as we already know that it is being maneuvered by the NEXUS OF A FEW SELFISH & GREEDY PEOPLE that runs this country behind the curtains. 

Decide what is best for your country before you vote...

Contribute to change our country when you vote...

Your vote is going to make a huge difference...

AAM AADMI PARTY is the only best bet & political option for our bright future...

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