Thursday, March 6, 2014



Could you imagine a congress chief minister making a public statement on camera today addressing the huge gathering of the bureaucrats of his State that people should not worry about political corruption any longer since it comes back in the fiscal flow of the system? In the end, the corrupt politicians spend the same ill-gotten money on their election campaigns? 

What a justification, Sir !

This kind of daring speech, though I would term it most hideous, has been delivered by not a greenhorn politician but most experienced Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, N. Kiran Kumar Reddy who has won elections 16th times in his State. He explicitly confesses and agrees that there is excess money with the politicians but their crimes of corruption must be overlooked because it comes back into the system at the end. 

Mind it honest Indians, It has been said in broad day light today and not behind curtains. Look at the guts of our politicians. They are now spiting right in our faces with this kind of abhorrent statement and looking for reprieve from us. He audaciously adds, ‘Worry about other corruption, not political one. 

If you remember, Shivpal singh yadav, brother of Mulayam Singh in UP as well had urged the bureaucrats of his State justifying corruption on camera "Steal a little, but don't loot" 
It can only happen on our land because no one reacts to it aggressively! Observe the blood sucking nexus that works behind the scene.

Had this fatal speech been given in other country, it would have caused nation uproar, enough grounds to topple any government. 

Are we so insensitive and indifferent now that nothing really affects us? 

RAISE YOUR VOICES honest Indians or else we would never ever come out of this vicious CYCLE OF CORRUPTION.
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